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50% of small businesses never make it past 5 years.

However, those with access to mentorship and community support are 70% more like to go the long haul. The Club is our new group mentorship programme, designed to provide personalised support to help you find your wings and grow…

CLUB gives you 360° of The Inspiration Space: all of the benefits of COMMUNITY, unlimited access to the HOUSE plus you benefit from a hands on approach from Founder Liana Fricker and her team of merry mentors and friends.

Together, we’ll help you stop wasting time, stay accountable, grow and build new relationships as well. 



  • 💖 All of the events & benefits listed in Community

  • 🚪MAIN HOUSE: enjoy unlimited access (plus all the perks) .

  • 👩‍🎓 Business Bootcamp: a 6-day experience lead by specialist mentors that will help you grow your business using proven strategic methods.

  • 🤝 Early Bird Meet-up: Weekly structured networking meet-up where you can perfect your 30 second pitch. 

  • 🦄 Group Circles: Get a fresh perspective at quarterly mastermind sessions.

  • 💖 Matchmaking: Connect to the perfect collaborative partner. No time wasting. Just dream chasing.

  • 💡Power Hour ideation calls with Liana Fricker: Keep the momentum going, disrupt your thinking and keep reaching higher. Twice per year.

 We facilitate transformative growth and support you while you do the work.

power hour CALLS

Book a 1-to-1 60 minute ideation call with Liana Fricker, available to Club members twice a year. Celebrate your wins, break your thinking, reflect and start again. Business is about renewal - you'll never grow standing still. Renew yourself, always higher - every step forward is a chance to begin. 


Liana's Black Book is incredible and connecting dots is her forte and unique area of expertise. She sees things clearly that others don't notice - it's a sixth sense, yet she does it with ease. Liana will connect you to the perfect collaborative partner based on a mutual exchange of equal energy. 

Group circles

Group circles meet once a quarter and offers a combination of brainstorming and support in a mastermind-style setting. Get a fresh perspective, share your experiences & tips and gain confidence in knowing it's normal to feel like your business is in a ditch.  


We all know that the magic truly starts to happen when you get together socially. Relationships grow through shared experience - especially when they're fun as hell. We curate incredible experiences with our event partners, Halls & Halls. Open up and let down your guard.


Business Bootcamp

Are you ready to grow and start making more money? Have you recently started a business and want to make sure you’re using a business model that is built for scale? Do you want to work alongside other members and benefit from in-person support from a roster of specialist mentors?

If the answer is YES then you’re going to love our Business Bootcamp.

A no B.S. approach to business growth. Working in collaboration with established entrepreneurs and coaches with board-level commercial expertise, we take academic theory and make it relevant to your business, helping you identify strategies for sustainable growth. 

Whatever challenges your business is facing, this programme will enable you to identify the issues you need to address and to tackle them effectively.

Taking place over 6 days (1 session per week), you will work with mentors in the following areas:

  1. Business Strategy & Planning (2 days)

  2. Commercialisation & Negotiation

  3. Branding

  4. Tactical Marketing

  5. Presentation & Media training

Business Bootcamp Outline


Before we can think about your growth goals, let alone make a plan, we need to strip it back to basics, discuss how and why business models fail and then look under the bonnet of your business to make sure you're built for growth. 

  • Typical errors businesses make

  • Strategy - innovation, exporting, benchmarking

  • 80/20 analysis - what are your most profitable products and customers? 

  • Customer segmentation - find your perfect client, 3rd party relationships & referrals, routes to market
    Value Proposition exercise


Now we know why businesses fail and have a better understanding of customer segmentation and why it matters for your business. In DAY 2 we get down to the nitty gritty of working with the right business model and support you while you start making your plan.

  • 4 types of business models - which one(s) for you? 

  • Business planning - how are you going to get from A-B?

  • Business model canvas - laying all your thinking out to get a birds-eye view

  • Funding options

  • Planning to impress the bank

  • Perfect your two-minute pitch 

  • Homework: create your 12-month plan using our take home toolkit


ISP group mentor and coach, Sally Pagewill share her experience building the framework for the Audible commercialisation strategy. From negotiating high-value contracts, producing original content and creating a high-performing, in-house team, Sally will help you to identify and celebrate the skills you already have within that will make you a better leader and help you to succeed. 

Sally's areas of expertise include:

  • Leadership development

  • Commercial strategy

  • Negotiation

  • Content licensing and distribution

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing strategy 

  • Innovative business models 

  • Business culture


Clare Yarwood-White, is going to share what she learned from the frontline of building and selling a successful jewellery business and then starting her own consultancy. Clare will help you to define your USP and offer suggestions on how you can bootstrap your way to a standout brand. 

Clare's areas of expertise include:

  • Brand strategy

  • Creative execution

  • E-commerce & retail

  • Premium brands

  • Wedding industry

  • Copywriting


ISP mentor, Alex Vinall, has built a phenomenal marketing agency over 10 years. She knows first hand how difficult it can be developing a successful, service-based business and she's going to share what she's learned and help you build a fit for purpose marketing plan. 

Get direct feedback from Alex on your marketing ideas and challenges, and work with your peers to generate new ideas or collaborative tactics. 

Alex's areas of expertise include:

  • Business development

  • Social Media strategy

  • Facebook advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Direct marketing

  • Viral campaigns

  • Content creation and distribution 

  • Influencer marketing 


Lizzie Libenhals knows how to stand out and tell a great story. She is owner of Halls and Halls a boutique agency linking sports, events, brands and talent. She has worked commercially with three generations of England football teams and their sponsors, produced the new Wembley Stadium opening ceremony (FA Cup Final 2007), 18 FA Cups, three Champions Leagues and every Euros and World Cup final since 1996 as well as bringing Kelly Rowland over to sing the National Anthem for England V USA in 2008.

She’s going to share the secret to getting in front of the right people and once you’re there how to ‘fake it till you make it’ and pitch yourself like a boss.

Lizzie’s areas of expertise include:

  • Public Relations

  • Events

  • Media Training

  • Sports mentoring

  • Presentation skills



Annual Investment

Grow your business and earn more money with 360 of The Inspiration Space. A community to build relationships with, bespoke networking opportunities and exclusive events PLUS unlimited access to the private members club at Tudor Antiques.

Annual Membership: £850/year

Monthly Membership: £85/month