the devil is in the detail 😈

We’re going to work backwards for a moment, but our starting point isn’t 3 years into the future. It’s 160 days from now.

I am available for 1:1 support in April and Circles will start in May. There are two exercises that will help you to do this available to download: “A letter to yourself” dated 20th September 2019 and Setting your Strategic Objectives.

We can work through these together during your POWER HOUR or feel free to explore these themes in your own company. You will share your insights and learning at the Club Circle in May.  

Things to think about:

  • What BIG EASY WINS will help you progress

  • How can you solve your business challenges without adding more products/services/work

  • How can you establish yourself as a key person of influence

  • What are your biggest fears and how can you overcome them

  • What support do you need to get to the next level

  • How can you simplify your business model so that you’re doing more with less

  • What is the real cost of growth? This is where your 1:1 with Alida Ballard from SAS Business Box will prove invaluable.