The internet is noisy. The Inspiration Space HYPE MACHINE will help you break through and tell your story. Stand out amongst the spam on Bookface. Punch Instaweb algorithms in the face 👊.

We  help you repurpose your content so that we can shout loud about everything that you know. Amplify your reach, build your reputation and credibility with promo opportunities available online every week. 

  Saving you time. Giving you energy.


Themes we explore every month across all Community events, workshops and social media content.


Available opportunities

Members are encouraged to get involved across all programming within The Inspiration Space. The following opportunities are available:


  • Host a GYST ('Get Your Shit Together')

  • Share your story and expertise at a 'Lunch & Learn'

  • Offer top tips as a mentor during '100 Minute Mentor'

  • Host a workshop for members (and get paid a fee).

  • Share expertise as part of our ongoing business surgeries


  • Share your tips during #toptiptuesday

  • Share your story via a #winedownwednesday or #hotseatlive interview

  • Blog post amplification - we can re-purpose your content for The ISP blog and send it out as if it's brand new!

  • Host a free webinar for the group

  • Share your offers & news during #marvellousmonday marketing posts


A real-time calendar of all promotional opportunities available within The ISP.