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The HOT SEAT: Frou Williams, Death by Lycra Collective

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Frou Williams is an internationally certified life and wellness coach and business mentor. She cut her chops in the fast-paced and highly pressurized environment of Google and now guides, mentors, coaches and personally cheerleads her clients on their own journeys towards success. 

She's also a "millennial" and has mastered the subtle art of self-promotion online. She's created a strong personal brand online and regularly collaborates with notable people in her field globally. Her Instagram feed is beautifully curated and she looks like she's always having the time of her life.

Always one to keep it real, Frou has no qualms about the fact that this is all part of the hustle for modern entrepreneurs, we're sitting down with her to talk about how she creates personal space between her business image and her soul and how we can all learn to enjoy the ride and strut our stuff online. 

VENUE: The ISP Business Support Group