Get to know...Adele Smyth

Adele Smyth is a paediatric nurse, Pilates, Barre & Yoga teacher, sport massage therapist & nutritionist. In celebration of #internationalfitnessday we sat down with her to find out what her average day is like…


Tell us your story...

As well as being a paediatric nurse,  I am a Pilates, Barre & Yoga teacher, sport massage therapist & nutritionist. I have been teaching in the health & wellness business since 1995 and have taught practically every form of freestyle exercise that there is!

I trained as a dancer for years and my favourite form of dance was modern jazz and contemporary. I take elements of dance and incorporate them into my teaching to add some flow to the classes.

I'm married, have 2 teenage daughters and a 14 month old black labrador pup!

My children inspire me massively. They are my 'why' and the reason I continue to build my business and establish good networking connections with like-minded people.

My children inspire me massively. They are my 'why' and the reason I continue to build my business and establish good networking connections with like-minded people.

You wear so many different hats. What’s an ‘average’ day like for you?  

I'm not sure I have an 'average' day!  It will always start early when my pup wakes us up!  Usually around 5.45 - 6am. I try to find time to sit quietly before my day starts and always have a vitamin drink first thing to hydrate followed by a cup of tea to caffeinate!  

Yoga is a huge part of my life so I will see if I can meditate without interruption, doesn't often happen!  5 mins on my mat each morning makes a huge difference to me and also some Pilates stretches. I think about my daily intentions and my mantra for the day and visualise what is ahead of me.  I will either be going to work at my nurse job or teaching a class. Either way, I'm off out of the house fairly early.

I'll take my pup out for a run in the day, catch up with admin and class planning content if I'm not at my nursing job. I'll try and catch a coffee with a friend and business coach to plan the rest of the month and any extra events etc. we may be looking to do.  

Kids are home around 3.45pm and I will take my girls to their various clubs and collect them.  I teach some evenings a week so I'll cook dinner before or prepare it to cook later depending on my teaching time.   

We always try and sit down for an evening meal and sit and chill out watching TV or reading a book for a bit.  Attempt to get to bed by 10pm on a work night! 

Living a healthy life on the go - how do you manage it?

Life in our house is busy but we always make time to sit down together at least 5 nights of the week to have a family meal.

I will usually cook everything from scratch and believe that life is all about balance, so we will eat healthily, but definitely have the more indulgent foods that we enjoy too. I tried batch cooking on a Sunday night but soon realised I didn’t have the fridge space, plus sometimes you want variety - as opposed to the same thing three nights in a row.

My youngest daughter and I are vegetarian and it is quite a challenge sometimes to be cooking 2 separate meals - meat & veg - which are ready at the same time!

#stressbusters - How do you unwind and relax?

Running is my passion and especially running by the river or in Bushy Park. I have taken part in the London Marathon twice, several 1/2 marathons, a 1/2 ironman and lots of triathlons. I like to be outdoors and have recently taken on my own Buggyfit classes which will be running from November in the Guildford area!

Toast - warm or cold?



Coffee or tea?

Tea or a good latte!


Favourite book?

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.  Such a quirky, engaging, great read.  I also love Ebonie Allard's book ‘Misfit to Maven’ which is incredibly honest, humbling and inspirational.

Favourite outdoor place to play/visit in Surrey?

Bushy Park.

Best meal you’ve ever eaten in Surrey?

I love the food at the Mute Swan in Hampton Court!

Independent business in Surrey you 💖💖💖? 

The Yoga Hutch owned by Sarah Vaughan in Surbiton.  She is the most amazing teacher and very calming and knowledgeable.


Where can we find you?


Sports Massage:


Adele will be joining us for a live interview on 4th October at 12pm in The Inspiration Space Facebook Group. We’re talking the 5 best pilates moves to relax your body, why she prefers the phrase ‘busy’ as opposed to ‘stressed’ and how she manages to keep on top of it all.