Give your commercial mindset a boost 🚀

On the first Friday of every month, we welcome a member of The Inspiration Space to share their story and offer words of advice on a particular subject to a small group.

Learning through storytelling is at the heart of The ISP and in November we were proud as punch to welcome Commercial Mastermind, Coach and ISP Club mentor, Sally Page to The Main House @ Tudor Antiques.

Sally was the former Commercial Director for Audible, building the team from 5 to 20 in a few short years. A former book scout with a background in PR, she came to the table with an impressive black book of contacts from the publishing industry, a strong knowledge in commercial contracts and kick-ass negotiation skills.

By the time Sally left Audible in 2017, she was a visible female leader within the company and a member of the Senior Management team.

A Surrey-grown lass who lives in Haslemere with her 18-month old son and husband, Sally is a member of the highly revered Hoxby Collective as well as a 1:1 leadership coach.

She uses her experience to help businesses and individuals develop a stronger commercial mindset, define what it is that they want and helps them to actually deliver those results.

What are some of the key lessons Sally has learned over the years?

  1. Don’t let other people’s status intimidate you. Just because someone has a fancy title or they happen to be 52-year-old white man in a suit, does not mean that you can't negotiate with them in the same way you would with a peer.

  2. Different perspectives on the same thing are really valuable. Look outside your industry for opportunities and ideas. It’s often when two completely different worlds intersect, for instance, Art and Technology, do a whole range of other monetized opportunities come your way.

  3. Think about all of the value you bring to a partnership. It’s not just about money. Think about what you have to offer

You can listen to audio from the first half of our conversation below to hear more about Sally’s professional background and what she’s learned about finding partnership opportunities, negotiating and managing her own fears when it comes to putting a value on herself and what she does.


Sally will be leading a 3-hour, growth mindset and leadership workshop on 27th February. For those of you who want to feel more confident when pitching for or negotiating with clients, this three-hour workshop is for you. 

Using Sally's tried and tested techniques that will help you fully recognise all of the value you bring to the table, you'll come away with stronger negotiation tactics and a massive boost of confidence all while discovering a few skills you didn’t know you had.

Early bird registration ends on 1st January, 2019.

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