Why business is like pushing a bike up a hill 🚴


I was asked to help some friends out with a photo shoot. The brief was simple: wear something 'boho-chic' and if possible, bring along my Classic Pashley. Now, I love that bike, don't get me wrong. But the shoot was at the top of Pewley Hill in Guildford and the only way for me to get it there was to ride it...all the way from home. The bike is heavy AF - it's a cruiser made for flat roads. But like a good friend I said 'Hell, yes' - I could alway push the bike up the hill.

The big day finally arrived - it was hot AF in the GU1. I cycled from home in my bohemian finest, following Google Maps on my phone. I'm rubbish at following instructions and of course I got myself in a muddle. Having been to this idyllic location before, I was 60% sure I could use my instincts to get me there. 

I struggled as I rode up Pewley Way (have you spotted the mishap already?)Proud of myself for not giving up - all those spinning classes were bearing fruit, it would seem. But this wasn't my final destination - I had to start over again. With my battery on 10%, I had no choice but get on my bike and wing it. 

Doubting myself and my instincts and worried that I would be late, I headed up another hill but this one was much to steep to blast. I pushed my hipster bicycle, up that mother f*cking hill. Half way up, I said to myself, "You're a fool, can't you see? You have no idea where you're going. You're pushing this heavy ass bike up the hill blindly."

I stopped and looked up the hill and then back down where I had began. Going backwards wasn't an option - I didn't know where I was going but I knew where I had been. Stopping didn't make much sense either - now that would have been the move of a fool. The only option was forward - so I did the only thing I could do.

I pushed that bike to the top of the hill - and a gorgeous view awaited me. I could see the beauty of Guildford from all around...and the photo crew was there to greet me. 

In business, as in life, we don't know which way we're going - it's a rough guess at best. So the next time you're pushing a bike up a hill, remember - it's all about the journey.