Get to know…Caroline Copp

A pilates teacher with over 12 years experience, Caroline Copp juggles two pilates businesses with two kids, a dog and a husband who also owns his own fitness business. We hear in her own roads the journey thus far…

Tell us your story...

I'm a pilates teacher. I run a selection of local classes and have done for the past 11 years.

In that time I have built and sold 2 studios and am now back to basics, practicing locally but focusing on my new venture which is an online pIlates subscription service, offering short Pilates videos to be done at home as well as specific Pilates based courses.

I've been in Guildford for 11 years now, having taken the usual route and moving here when London life got too hectic! I have 2 children and a husband, and juggle my time between work, kids clubs, my own exercise, googling everything and the occasional trip to Zara!

What inspires you to do what you do?

I love working with people, hearing their stories and understanding what they need from me. It’s not the same for everyone, some people are overcoming an injury, others want to improve their posture and some just love feeling like they are doing something good for themselves but also enjoy a chat and a bit of company!

What’s an ‘average’ day like for you?

School run, morning classes, exercise of some form, admin, school run, kids clubs, evening teaching, dinner! It can get a little like Groundhog Day sometimes, something that I am determined to change.

I’m not good at planning my admin time and often sit to do work with no clear objective. I’m hoping to get better at that but not sure how….HELP ISP 🙏!!

Bodies really interest me, anatomy is fascinating and selfishly watching someone progress is such a great feeling!

Bodies really interest me, anatomy is fascinating and selfishly watching someone progress is such a great feeling!

The biggest creative risk you’ve ever taken?

When I sold my second Pilates studio I had to take a 12 month break from teaching as part of the non-compete clause in the contract. I decided to buy into a local franchise in this time to try something new…BIG MISTAKE!!!

I knew the owner of the franchise well, in fact both myself and my husband had taught for them for many years. The franchise turned out to be a massive DUD and I’m sure I was duped out of a lot of money by someone I thought was a friend. Lesson learnt - don’t go into business with friends!!!

Toast - warm or cold?

ONLY straight out of the toaster, butter applied immediately. I'm honestly not fussy about much but this one is a deal breaker!

Coffee or tea?

Tea, of any sort. I really try to like coffee but can only really get on board when it's in the form of an Espresso Martini, then I choose coffee!


Worst advice you’ve ever received?

Hair of the dog 😜


Best advice you’ve ever received?

I am terrible to comparing myself to to others and getting stressed by my lack of progress. Recently someone told me to keep my blinkers, don’t be distracted by what everyone else is doing and only look forwards. That came from a very inspiring local networking group 😉


Favourite book?

Too many - I absolutely love reading! Recent ones that stand out have been I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes, A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini, The Island by Victoria Hislop , Entrepreneurial Revolution by Daniel Priestly.


Favourite outdoor place to play/visit in Surrey?

We are National Trust members so end up there most weekends with the dog - favourite locally would be Polesden Lacey. Newlands Corner is another fave! 

Best meal you’ve ever eaten in Surrey?

We LOVE the Percy Arms in Chilworth - honestly the best carvery I have ever had, even my kids will eat a boat load of veggies from here!

Independent business in Surrey you 💖💖💖? 

I'm still mourning the passing of The Garden Cafe!! I try really hard to choose independent over chain where possible (and admittedly its not always practical) but having run 2 studios in Guildford, I admire ANYONE who can survive with the current rents and rates!

Favourite way to relax?

A holiday! I lurve getting away and although it comes with its own stresses it is the only way to make me stop!

Where can we find you?

Website: (IRL classes)

Website: (Online classes)