Special offer: Enjoy a complimentary workshop when you join in March!


The Inspiration Space is offering a complimentary place on one of our upcoming workshops when you join the community in March. A kick-ass, two-for-one, you’ll save money and benefit from a huge dose of extra value - our workshops and group coaching sessions are second to none.

A rapidly growing network of 125 ambitious people who work for themselves, membership to The Inspiration Space community plugs you in to a thriving creative ecosystem. We run monthly meet-ups where members drive their businesses forward with the help of inspiring stories, high-quality advice and a fresh perspective. Relationships grow and thrive in our private online hub, a safe space where members ask questions, brainstorm new ideas and access exclusive job opportunities and collaborations.

The Inspiration Space was founded in January 2018 by Liana Fricker, a grassroots marketing expert with a love and talent for community engagement. Having worked with global brands and national institutions, Liana uses her talent for bringing people together to create a powerful ecosystem that supports Surrey-based start-ups, first and foremost. When asked about The Inspiration Space’s raison d’etre, Liana said:

“I believe that with the right support, skills and motivation, anyone can reach their full potential. With an endless supply of networking groups and business support available for small business in Surrey, The Inspiration Space exists to connect the dots between the most ambitious people and the very best resources. I treat members like personal clients. I act as an internal matchmaker in our private Slack group, connecting them to one another and external opportunities that support personal and financial growth.”

We have two exciting workshops coming up in March and you can choose to attend one of them for FREE!* half-day goal setting and productivity session for those who are struggling to align their personal and business visions with a practical plan, and a 2.5 hour sales training workshop for anyone looking to generate new leads and elevate their networking game.


What does your annual membership include?

Membership is only £180 annually and if you put in the work and get involved, you will see a phenomenal return on your investment, both financially and in regards to your creative and mental wellbeing. Check out the feedback from a recent Leadership and Growth Mindset workshop:


What our members say

I spent 3 hours today in the company of the most amazing people and the most incredible life coach who taught us the importance of being brave over perfect in anything that we do. Thank you for taking me on board and lifting me up.
Thanks for a very thought provoking session. I’ve been pondering for the rest of the afternoon and the penny has just dropped, I actually have WAY more experience in a number of areas than I’d realised.
This group is so much more than networking. Built on solid shared experiences and genuine interactions, Founder Liana Fricker has managed to create something that we all needed; nourishment for the whole being. For all that you are, all that you will be, this is a space for inspiration.

Are you ready to take the next step?

The self-employed hustle is tough and growing a business can be daunting. The good news? You don’t have to do this alone! Join The Inspiration Space today and get connected to a vibrant network of support, unbelievable job opportunities and the chance to share or swap skills - all for less than a cup of coffee per week. Find out more about membership to The Inspiration Space*Offer applies to workshops taking place before 31st March, 2019 and while supplies last.

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